How Far We’ve Come and Our Vision of the Future

For Joy We Live

I dream of the day when my partner and friend can have the health and vitality to pursue his dreams.

For he is someone who has truly given his life to serving others, and yet, he has been given a heavy burden to carry, as a father who faces significant health challenges and probably will always, for he has to work very hard to find a doable balance that fulfills his daily responsibilities and yet acknowledges the current physical state of his body temple and mind.

He carries this burden quietly and calmly. I have never seen him get upset, or frustrated, or scared, or ask for anything for himself. I have only seen him affected when he thinks he is not doing enough, or when he thinks he may be a burden to those helping him along the way.

He exemplifies the qualities of a true yogi, “Soft as…

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Growing Up Me


Part 1:     Preface


My name is Hesam. It’s a Persian variation of the Arabic name Hussam, which means sword. Why my parents named me sword, I don’t know. I’d like to think it was an affirmation for me to receive the sword of discrimination, which, I’d like to think, means yoga. On the very day I was born, as my mom was in the hospital, I am told, an Iraqi bomber plane for the first time flew all the way to Tehran, the capital of my homeland Iran. This officially launched an 8-year-long bloody war between Iran and Iraq. That plane was hit down and war was on. It was fall, 1980. (The war ended with more than a million people killed from both sides. Iraq was supported and armed by US and Russia.)

35 years later, I found myself across the world in USA, and in a spiritual…

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How I Came to Live in a Spiritual Community Called Ananda Village


fb-post-june-28-2013.pngPart 1:     In UK

Yesterday marked my one year anniversary since I moved, from Los Angeles, into the spiritual community of Ananda Village, in the foothills of Northern California. This is the story of how that happened.

It all probably started with this Facebook post of mine, of June 28, 2013. It read:

The moments we’re realizing that we’re all just one, that we’re actually sharing and feeling every laughter and pain every person that we know in our lives is experiencing, everything becomes so simple, so peaceful. Everything becomes okay… Anxiety, jealousy, hate, depression, and all those things seem to wash away so quickly.

Now that I’m writing this, I realize something incredible. You have to realize that before this date, I had never shared any posts like this before. I wasn’t into sending words of inspiration or wisdom to anyone. This sort of thing was simply…

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I Found Attunement to Babaji by Making Ananda Meditation App



My path is devotional. After reading about Divine Mother in the Autobiography of a Yogi, I had found my ticket to bliss. First I found love for Her through the trees, as I would walk to work through the streets of Los Angeles. Then, once I found Her in my own heart, accessible anytime anywhere, I understood that I needed no external thing to get to Her. Only remembrance of love for Her is always enough.

My other love is my guru, Yogananda, the author of the Autobiography of a Yogi book. That love, of course, has a different feel to it. I’m a little boy, Yogananda is the motherly and fatherly figure who is holding my hand on this journey. He is continually pointing to and showing me the infinite view ahead, towards our destination—forever in the arms of Divine Mother.

Yogananda’s guru’s guru’s guru is Babaji, the all-mystical…

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A Technique for Attunement to Your Inner Guidance


Sit in meditation, gazing at the spiritual eye, the point between the eyebrows, inhaling and exhaling from the nose.
As you inhale feel like you are reaching up with your breath towards the point between the eyebrows.

At the top of your inhale visualize and feel that you are meeting and making contact with your inner guidance there, at the spiritual eye, in whatever form or formlessness you know and hold dear–the Spirit, your Guru, divine guidance, your guardian angel, Mother Divine, higher consciousness, your Higher Self, and so on.

As you exhale feel as if you shower yourself with what you connected with.

Repeat with deep concentration, and deeper relaxation.

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